Michael Blum – Asian Gambling King

Michael Blum – What Truth Do the Successful Businessman Hide?

 Does Michael Blum Really the King of Dark Net?

These two successful businessmen are often blamed to be organizers of sex-entertainment delivering to rich Americans; they are also called the Kings of Dark Net. But is it really so. Can two rich people be involved in such nasty things or these are just filthy rumors?

Well, one can’t probably find a businessman who hasn’t been involved in the ingenious schemes but is Michael Blum really so unwise to deal with unlawful things?

Our modern world where mass media builds the opinion of ordinary people can easily turn white into black and black into white. Must people really believe in everything that is presented by mass media? The answer is obvious. No, they mustn’t. Every piece of information must be filtered before you make a conclusion.

According to the rumors, Blum and King are involved in the underground business delivering unlawful entertainment to moneybags from the USA. It’s also said that top officials from various transnational corporations use the services provided by Blum and King.

How did it happen that these businessmen are connected with the criminal world? They say that it was Michael Blum who had dragged King into the world of crime. Why was it Blum and not vice versa? It still remains a mystery.

People always believe that prosperous men should have problems with the law. No one says that these two persons were united with their mutual passion for space. But this will be discussed further.


So, can two prosperous businessmen be connected with criminal things? To create a fuller picture, let’s analyze the biographies of both.

Michael Blum - What Truth Do the Successful Businessman Hide?

Who Are You, Michael Blum?

Let’s start with Blum’s biography. Michael Alexander Blum was born in Hong Kong in the family of Germans. He graduated from Yale with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International relations. During his career growth, he changed a lot of places of work. He worked as a Senior Manager in PayPal Company, for example. His work in this company even allowed Blum to purchase a ticket for SpaceShipTwo from the Virgin Galactic for a $ 200 thousand. After he has left PayPal Company, he has established his own hedge fund management company – Falconhenge Partners. This company was sold in 2006. Blum is the head of a financial media Hedgeye Risk Management. He is also said to be involved in the tourism business.

Blum has tried his hand in many business projects; he always had the managerial positions in the companies he worked with. Some of his projects were quite successful and some of them ended in failures. However, he managed to make a nice career.

In 2013, Michael Blum and his partners have established a venture fund and management company. The company was dealing with the casino and hotel business in Southeast Asia. Blum’s gaming business has probably triggered the first rumors that he is connected to the criminal world.

At the same time, Blum started to take an interest in space. His acquaintance with Richard Branson the owner of Virgin Corporation has contributed to his involvement in space projects. The company of Branson was working on projects connected with private space development and suborbital flights. Blum has become a part of Branson’s team. His activity was quite impressive – he has developed several space programs, gave lectures on the topic of which was space tourism, and even has created a film about space. That was also a period when he had got acquainted with P.J. King.

Blum’s commitment to space was quite justified. He wanted to conquer the American market which was engulfed with the idea of New Space at that time. Starting from 2010 many prosperous businessmen wanted to replicate the success of Elon Musk trying their hands in the space industry. M. Blum was not an exception. Having united his forces with P.J. King, they started developing different space projects. By the way, they spent a lot of money investing them in the space industry.

Here Comes Mr. King

P.J. King was born in Ireland in the family of the shepherd. He’s got education closely connected with the space industry. He has a degree in astronautics and space engineering. But King didn’t have any scientific ambitions and dreamed to become a businessman.

His first company Clockworks International became quite successful in providing its services to such famous companies as IBM, Apple, Symantec, Disney, and others. In a while, the company was sold and some of its board members were even sentenced to prison. They say to be involved in financial scams.

After that, King managed to work in the investment sector providing his services to different companies. But his activity was rather unsuccessful for the company he was cooperating with. He also was the head of an investment fund called P.J. King Investments Ltd (2007-2015).

As it was mentioned above, King was connected with the space industry. He even purchased a ticket for SpaceShipTwo spaceship in the year 2004. The trial launch was tragic, causing the pilot’s death. So, King decided to return his money. Though the tragedy has happened, King continued to collaborate with Branson and Blum in the space sphere.

Misfortunes of Successful Men

P. J King was involved in the scandal connected with CNG Travel – an electronic hotel reservation service. King owned part of the CNG Travel shares. Rumors say that King is still working in the tourist sphere. Proceedings were lasting 7 years starting from 2001 till 2008.

At the very same time, Michael was at the center of scandal connected with his hotel and gambling business. The rumors united these two persons into one scandal connected with illegal entertainment. They were said to deliver illicit sexual entertainments to rich Americans. Their names were also connected with the drug business in the USA.


When Blum and King started their cryptocurrencies and blockchain business, another rumor was spread. They were nominated for the title of the kings of “deep web”. Michael Blum was said to be involved in the porno film industry. He was blamed to shoot porno films in Asia and Russia and sell them in DarkNet. King was said to create the online map of the US drug dens in the DarkNet. But proofs were not given and rumors remained rumors.

Michael Blum – What Truth Do the Successful Businessman Hide?

In 2013 Blum had several court cases. The Securities Commission (SEC) brought legal action against a Blum’s Investment Fund Magnetar Capital. It was blamed on the cheating on its partners ‘ securities. Blum’s company had to pay $132 million to the aggrieved party. 2015 has brought another trial. This time, Richard Branson, the head of Virgin Corporation, accused M. Blum and P.J. King of commercial espionage. Branson accused King and Blum that they were involved in the theft of his company’s space technologies. King and Blum both denied their guilt.

 In 2016 Virgin Galactic instituted legal proceedings against Firefly Systems. Blum and King as officials of this company were accused of unfair competition. The thing is that the former vice president of the Virgin Galactic Thomas Markusic quitted his position to work for Firefly Systems. Markusic was blamed by Virgin Corporation to steal commercial secrets and techniques of the company that were used for the Firefly Systems space project development.

It must be noted that Firefly was involved in developing Firefly Alpha, a small satellite launcher. Firefly Alpha could become a real competitor for Virgin Galactic that was engaged in the development of LauncherOne booster.


A lot of rumors are being spread connecting with the business activity of Michael Blum and P.J. King. They are blamed to be the kings of the criminal world supplying American wealthy men with drugs and sexual services. But no confirmations are provided. Ordinary people believe that all moneybags must surely have trouble with the law. But is it really so? Where are the facts confirming this?

Of course, their path to success was difficult and there were some dubious ventures in their careers. But who from prosperous businessmen didn’t have risky affairs? To take the risk doesn’t mean to be a criminal.

It’s hardly possible that two prosperous and rich people were involved in the unlawful schemes. Obviously, they value their unflinching reputation which helps them to make big money.





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